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Sydney RC Tracks on Video.

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"2009 IFMAR 1:8 On Road World Championship" Part# RWP056

120 minutes of on road racing from the largest RC track in the world, Lostallo Switzerland. Bertin, Collari, Pietch, Swauger, Fantini, Christiani, if you were a 8th "Great" then you were there. 7days covered and beautiful scenery as well, racing of the highest calibar with multi camera coverage of the Main Final, all 60 minutes of it. Also NEW Super Slow Motion Cam used for some amazing footage. All in Widescreen viewing

Get your DVD, enjoy watching it, then do some practice . Preview Here. Price just US$27 delivered.

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"2008 IFMAR 12th Scale & ISTC Worlds"

110 minutes of the best electric on road racing you can see. This event will be remembered for the incredibly close contests in both classes, each going to 3rd Finals to decide the World Championships. Masami’s protégé, 15 year old Naoto Matsukura, is now our youngest ever World Champ and what a display of driving skill, but he did not have it easy, Juho Levanen was only usually 1 second or less behind him in most of the finals , it was awesome.

The story of Masami trying to achieve his “life” goal, the ISTC crown, is heart tugging, Hara’s dominance thru the racing, then not getting a podium place, another sad story, Mark Rhienhard somehow passing Hara, ( got it on multi cameras) to win his 2nd Worlds, that’s a story of victory.

We covered the event with 6 cameras again, so you’ll see 2 views of most incidents, plus lots of close up action, slow replays, 2nd cam replays, interviews etc & the closest racing you can imagine.

I know I’m raving a bit but this really was the most competitive racing I have ever seen. Get your copy of the DVD, enjoy watching it, then I think we all should get to the track & do some practice . Preview Here. Price US$25

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Free postage on all orders.

"2008 FEMCA Buggy Championship"

We drove to the event instead of flying, that was a change. 110 mins of dirty, smelly bumpy RC action in the dirt. My cameras love the spectacular dirt flying racing and jumping but they hate the dust. A new demanding track for the Asian/Australasian buggie championship put everyone to the test, plenty of jumps and tricky sections to master, even a cross over.

Drivers like 2001 On Road World Champ, Kenji Osaka made the trip from Japan with others and top Thai driver Meen Vegrak was looking for another FEMCA title in 2008. All the top Aussies were there with Wayne Walker topping the list.

We also got Truggie class action with a big field trying for bragging rights even though this was not an official FEMCA Champs class. All were hoping to beat Aussie Truggy master, Martin Wolhuter.

Fuel powered Off Road has to be the most visually spectacular RC class and with coverage of the practice, thru to the whole one hour main buggy final on 5 cameras, you dirty RC freaks will be very happy. Warning – we get so close to these cars, you’ll have dirt in your eyes after watching this great DVD Preview Here Price US$23

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"2008 Florida Winternats"

The 2008 Florida Winternats Official DVD is the 25th release from Ray Wood RC Videos and the 3rd time we have covered this popular annual international event. With a talented field of European, North and South Americian drivers present to contest both 8th and 10th Scale Nitro On Road, we bring you over 100 minutes of hi reving RC action on one of the most unforgiving tracks in the world.
Paulo Morganti was racing for the hat trick after winning the 200mm Class here in 06 and 07 and Mike Swauger has had a few wins here in both classes and wants more. Burch, Tosolini, Grosskamp, Lemieux, Baker, Salven, Cyrul etc all winners here before and here again along with many others, to try for the coverted Winternats titles.
Multi camera coverage of both 45 minute Finals, interviews and lots of close action hi lights. Get yourself a 2008 Florida Winternats DVD for that next rained out race day.
The (fully compatable) pressed DVDs are in full sized DVD case and sealed, and available now.
Preview here.

Price US$25

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Hot Carpet Racing

"2008 Snowbirds""Snowbirds 2008" Official DVD is over 100 minutes of awesome carpet racing, both circuit & oval. This the biggest event in the world with around 700 entries for 12th scale circuit, 10th touring cars plus after a change in the track layout, 12th & 10 oval sedan racing, Nascar trucks, & sprint cars. The Snowbirds is held in the Radison Hotel Ballroom in Orlando, Florida, runs 20 hours a day and is just non stop action. If you are not familiar with carpet oval racing, this will blow you away. the racing is fast & tight and the crashes at these huge speeds are spectacular. Drivers include Andy Moore, Teemu Leino, Simo Ahoniemi, Jilles Groskamp, Markus Mobers, Josh Cyrul, Ralp Burch, Paul Lemiuex, Barry Baker,
Chris Tosolini and many more top international drivers plus the best oval racers in the world. This fully compatable pressed DVD is approx 100 minutes long and is packed with great RC entertainment, interviews and action. Preview here.
Part# RWP048.

Price US$20

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2007 IFMAR 8th On Road World Chapionship -"Argentina 2007" Part# RWP046

We have 100 minutes of top RC entertainment. Racing, interviews, action, the worlds best fight it out for the crown, and what a great close race, 3 different leaders, Fantini, Collari & Tosolini over the 60 minutes and at the end, only 12 seconds across the first 3 places. Collari shows the world how dominate he can be. Hi lights of practice, Opening Cerimonies, qualifying, most finals and multi camera for the mains.

110 minutes DVD duration, region free, & in PAL & NTSC on pressed DVD. PREVIEW HERE. Part# RWP046. Price US$25

2007 ROAR 8th Fuel Buggy National CHAMPIONSHIPS -"St Louis 2007" Part#RWP044

Nearly 250 drivers were attending, as this was the USA's qualifyer for next years World Championship.2006 World Champ Mark Pavidis, 2002 WC Greg Degani, and ALL top US drivers were fighting on a 13 jump track that pushed everyones talents to the limit. Coverage over 6 days, 14 cars per final, awesome Main Final & you'll see all the action that makes 8th Buggy racing, the biggest class today. Lots of close ups & interviews, with 5 camera coverage, 110 minutes DVD duration, region free, & in PAL & NTSC on DVD-R. PREVIEW HERE. Part# RWP044. Price US$25

Part# RWP042- 2007 FEMCA GP On Road Championships on DVD

The Official DVD of the 2007 FEMCA Championships from Jakarta , is OUT NOW. (Part# RWP042) From one of the most popular tracks in Asia, the Jakarta Twin Circuit, comes this 8th & 10th Scale Nitro On Road Championship. Hot racing in the Hot climate, with the outcome of both Main Finals only decided at the end. 6 camera coverage of Finals & lots of close up action & info graphics. 105 mins duration Region free in PAL or NTSC formats on DVD-R.
. US$23 Preview Here . Grab it now.

Part# RWP040 - 2006 IFMAR 200mm Nitro Touring World Championship on DVD

The Official DVD of the 2006 Nitro Touring World's from Brisbane , Australia The 2nd World Championship for this class proved to be a very dramatic event with patchy weather all week making car set up and getting a good run, a real challenge. Coverage from Opening to Trophies, with interviews with Tosolini, Green, Bertin, Salven, Bartolozzi, Jovanovic, Branson, Nicholson and more. We have ALL the action that determined the outcome to this exciting event. 3 Cameramen and 6 cameras including computer lap scoring to screen to show you the real story.
Approx 111 minutes duration & available in PAL or NTSC on DVD-R, region free. US$25 Preview Here Buy it now.

Part# RWP038 - 2006 IFMAR 8th Scale Off Road World Championship on DVD

Many racers there said this was THE BEST World's ever run, wait to see the professional marshals, talk about dedicated! Oh, the racing? What an incredible battle with drama aplenty. You've hear about it, now see what really happened with 6 cameras to catch all the dirt kicking nitro action including the whole 1 hour Final. With interviews with Pavidis, Hughes, and Vray etc.
Approx 105 minutes duration & available on pressed DVD, in PAL or NTSC, region free, with bar-coded cover .Buy it now. US$23 Preview Here

Click for Hi Res Part# RWP036 - 2006 ROAR USA 5th Scale Nationals on DVD

The Official DVD of the 2006 ROAR USA 5th Scale Nationals is ready to ship. Covering Sedan and F1 classes, the action
is huge, over 11kgs of RC magic. These cars handle more like full size than any other RC vehicle. With over 6 Horsepower, full hydraulic disc brakes, and doing over 80 kph at the end of the straight, this is an awesome spectacle, with lots of slow motion to see really how these Large Scale Cars react under pressure.
Approx 105 minutes duration &available in PAL or NTSC, with bar-coded cover . Price US$23 Preview Here Buy it now.

Click for Hi Res Part# RWP034 - 2006 European 200mm Nitro Touring Championships on DVD "Heemstede 2006"

The MACH is one of Europe's oldest RC tracks and has top level racing & facilities. We bring you hot dry racing and many finals in track flooding rain. Amazing how they keep going, but these guys HAVE the experience. Awesome slow motion footage, Plus a 40minute Serpent Factory Tour, see the coming Serpent F1 8th Scale!! .A Final covered with 6 cameras and commentary, This DVD-R has a menu with chapter points for easy navigation, available in PAL or NTSC (next week), with bar-coded cover . Price US$24 Preview Here

Click for Hi Res Part# RWP032 - 2006 12th Scale & ISTC World Championships on DVD "Italy 2006"

Fast & ultra close racing is what 12th scale racing on carpet is all about. Beautiful to watch when the best driver show of their talents David Spashett shows again why he is the best 12th driver on carpet Then you get ISTC, Andy Moore's conquest, 10th Touring, totally over powering their tyres and electrics, this EP is racing at its limit, lots of close exciting action, controversy, humor and emotion. Pit interviews and views. Full race commentary All 6 A Finals covered with 6 cameras, This pressed DVD has a menu with chapter points for easy navigation, available in PAL or NTSC, seal wrapped with bar-code in full DVD cases. Price US$24 Preview Here

Part# RWP030 - 2006 Florida Winternats on DVD

This is our 14th DVD, and the 2nd time we have covered this event Back in 2004 we saw top level racing on a very very demanding track, nothing has changed, just they are trying for those trophies again at the 30th running of the world renowned FLORIDA WINTERNATS. We have 105 minutes of action with 5 camera coverage of both the 200mm Nitro Touring Final & the 8th Final too. Top drivers like Bertin, Swauger, Shimo, Salven, Morganti, Baker,Cyrul etc werehere too prove them self amongst the world's elite. Of course there a lots of crashes as this track eats car that step out of line. 13 countries were represented, a truly International race with true hero stratus for those who win here. This pressed DVD has a menu with chapter points for easy navigation, available in PAL or NTSC, seal wrapped with barcode in full DVD cases. Price US$24 Preview Here

Part# RWP028 - 2005 IFMAR 8th On Road World Championships on DVD - "Messina 2005"

Collari took the win again in a amazing 8th On Road Final the closest Final seen in this class in years. I had 6 cameras there and got everything that moved in the Main Final. Only on my video will you see all the action! Interviews slow motion, info graphics, the lot. The Official DVD of the 2005 IFMAR 8th On Road World Championships (Messina 2005) is available in PAL or NTSC with no region coding. Order now at only US$24 Here is a Preview

Part#RWP026 - 2004 IFMAR 12th & ISTC World Championships on DVD - "Kissemmee 2004"

Masami Hirosaka takes his World Title count to an amazing 14 Championships, by winning the 12th Scale crown in Kissimmee Florida & Mark Rheinard of Germany with his Orion powered Tamiya TRF415, wins 2004 ISTC (International Scale Touring Cars) Worlds with Daisuke Yoshioka, 3rd and Atsushi Harra 2nd. The racing will blow you away. Closest racing in the world. Buy it now. Official DVD . Plays in all regions. Delivered to you for just US$23 PREVIEW HERE

Part# RWP024 - 2004 IFMAR Nitro Touring World Championships on DVD - "Brazil 2004"

From San Paulo, Brasil in Oct 2004. This 85 minute, multi camera coverage DVD of this inaugural event, has all the action from the Opening Cerimonies to the Trophy Presentation. In the video you will see lots of "in your face" close up action on this demanding,"hilly" track, racing the lower finals in rain, interviews with Bertin, Spashett, Tosolini and others, plus in the DVD Extras, there is a fantastically informative, 20 minute talk with Bertin about everything the day after the finals and a chat with the Virtual RC guys about their new computer RC simulator. Total DVD running time, nearly 2 hours. "More action than being there" . Price USD $23 Preview Here 3mgs

Part# RWP022 - "RC CAR HAVOC"on DVD - The Ultimate Crash & Action DVD.

After many requests comes 60 minutes of crashes, tumbles & takeouts, awesome incar camera action in Off Road Trucks, 5th Scales & night racing in Touring cars, covering 12th to 5th Scale On & Off Road, Gas & EP, Monster Trucks and even a couple of very expensive RC Jet wipeouts. Altogether awesome RC footage. All shot during race meetings at both World's and club neetings and all, not meant to happen. You see the world's best and not so good drivers in all sorts of trouble. You ain't seen anything like this. Great music soundtrack. Here is the Preview. Order here now! Screen shots here. Available as DVD-R . Price just US$20 Grab this one, you will love it!

Part# RWP020 - 2004 Florida Winternats on DVD-R

157 entries and an International field, ensured the racing at this, the 29th running of this prestiges event, would be fast & furious, (pun)..This is 86 minutes of hot 8th Scale and !0th Scale Nitro Touring competition with lots of crashes. 6 cameras catch the 2 A Finals with many different leaders in each final, and you will see Cyrul go belly first into the track barrier soon after giving Salven that "Love tap", see Swauger traction roll to the camera and lots more RC entertainment, did I tell you, there were a lot of crashes? Swauger was definately on a roll, and there is heaps and heaps of crashes!!!! Available in PAL or NTSC on DVD-R . Download Preview 3 meg. Price USD $23

Part# RWP018 - 2003 IFMAR 8th On Road World Championships on DVD-R - "Cincinnati 2003 "

6 days of the World's best RC 1:8 On Road action, driving, crashes, competition, interviews, clowning and above all racing, on tape. Surikarn made the US take notice, Cyrul told the rest who's quick and Collari told the world who is the best, by taking his 6th WC 1:8 Title. I had 8 cameras and 2 other cameramen to help capture the Semis and Grand Final, so its ALL there, see split screen action , slow motion replays, multi camera views of "the lead change",and informative graphics and narration.As good as it gets! "CINCINNATI 2003" is available on DVD-R in both PAL & NTSC formats.It has 12 chapter points for quick,easy navagation.and Dolby AC-3 sterio audio. Approx 84 minute durationDownload Preview - 2.5 meg. Price USD $23

Part# RWP016 - 2003 TEMORA RC JET RALLY - from Australia - "TEMORA JETS 2003"

This 85 minute video covers the 3 days of flying both RC Turbine and Ducted Fan Jets at Temora Airport in central NSW, where about 60 of the best RC flyers from around Australia gathered to show off to their mates and the watching puplic, their exquisite Radio Controlled Model Jets. You will see aircraft such as F15s, Tomcats, F4 Fantom, Stealth Fighter, Boomerangs, Sabre Jets etc, in the pits and in the air, flying at 200 MPH, lots of great close ups, slow motion and more.Available as DVD Video on DVD-R Media in PAL & NTSC formats Price USD $20


Part# RWP014 - "2002 1/5th SCALE AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP - "Ozzie 5ths 2002"

This was probably the best fun I`ve had shooting cars, me and my camera, jousting with 11 kgs of huge noisy, on coming, RC muslecar. The first video I`ve made where the camera WAS NOT hit by an RC car, thank goodness.We captured some fantastic INCAR Camera footage at the event and heaps of axle height, up close action in slow motion, so you can see how these car handle almost like a full size car. I want one.There is a look in the pits at the cars and the bench gear used to set them up and the whole 30 minute Grand Final is there, captured on 4 cameras, plus... This "Ozzie 5th 2002" VIDEO is out now on DVD-R and there is a great Preview of the video to Download Price USD $20


After Surikarn Chaidarsuriya shook the World`s in South Africa in May, Mike Reedy decided to sponsor an Reedy International Race in Surikarn's part of the world. Surikarn comes from Thailand and the Race was held at The Twin Circuit in Jakarta Indonesia in August 2002.Approx 63 minute duration, covered by 6 Cameras, including all the A Main Finals from both Stock and Modified Classes, plus an hotel room interview with the master himself, and lots of in your face RC action. This "JAKARTA 2002" VIDEO is OUT NOW and available on DVD-R & there is a great Preview of the video to Download Price USD $20

Part# RWP008 - 2001 IFMAR E.P. OFFROAD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - "Pretoria 2002"

Jukka Steenari wins 4WD and Matt Francis wins 2WD and TQs in both classes at the 2001 IFMAR 1/10 Electric Off Road World's held in Pretoria, South Africa, May 2002. Matt Francis included. Matt drove his Losi's to TQ in both 4WD & 2WD Classes at the Off Road World's in Pretoria, South Africa. He then won the 2WD class, making that his 2nd & quote "more emotional " World Title Jukka Steenari had quite a battle with Matt Francis and Brian Kinwald but held them out to defend and retain his position as regaining 4WD World Champion.You can see all the A Mains action on 5 cameras plus interviews, crashes, Josh Cyrul's "roof top run" and heaps more....over 70 minutes duration.Available on DVD-R in PAL & NTSC formats. Preview Here 2 megs Price USD $20

Part# RWP006 - 2002 IFMAR E.P. ONROAD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - "Onroad 2002"

Held May 2002 in South Africa, Masami Hirosaka dominated the 4 cell 1/12ths with a display of driving that no one on this planet can match, Total Domination, magnificance. Then Surikarn Chaidajsuriya of Thailand makes history by winning ISTC in his Tamiya 414M2 with a performance, especially in the first half a lap of the 3rd final, that blew the competion and the audience totally away, wait to see it, the closest racing you will see by the stars or RC captured on 5 cameras. This "ON ROAD 2002" VIDEO is available on DVD-R in both PAL & NTSC formats. OUT NOW Preview.Approx 90 minute duration including all the A Main Finals from both 1/12th and ISTC Classes, plus interviews, reports and lots of event action captured on 5 cameras. Price USD $20


Due to customer demand after "Sydney 2001" a "2nd Edition" of coverage from the 2 week event has been released with heaps more of that gas powered fury.

We have editied the last Quarter Final & both the Semi's into14 minute Hilites packages of each final plus a 20 min Main Final package using new angles from the 8 cameras, this and much more . Approx 90 mins.Available on DVD-R in PAL & NTSC formats Price USD$20


This 90 minute video is the essence of what 1/8th IC Circuit Racing is all about at the top level. With real speeds of over 120 kph this is the fastest, longest & oldest of the World's Titlles in RC Car Racing. Japan`s dominance in the 1 hour Grand Final, was lead by Kenji Osaka, who displayed a very controlled and smooth, efficent driving style to lead the Mugen/Japan 1,2,3.The whole one hour final captured on 8 cameras with a team of 6. There is also interviews with drivers, a look at the mechanics, the Crash Sequence and lots of pit shots & more. DOWNLOAD PREVIEW NOW - 2.2MEG . Available on DVD-R in PAL & NTSC formats. Price USD$20


  All material Copyright of Ray Wood 2006, 2007.