NEWS May 2 , 2007 My next trip will be to Jakarta again for the FEMCA Gas On Road Champs in 3 weeks http://www.femca2007.com. Then to St Louis, USA for the ROAR 8th Buggy Nats at the end of June. "Jakarta 2006" has been very popular and thanks to those who have written telling me how much they enjoyed my work. So we'll go and capture this big one, you know it will be awesome!! Here is their website http://www.dirtburners.org/

NEWS - September 20.2006 Release day for the 2006 12th Scale & ISTC WC DVD (ORDER BELOW) and just back from the 200mm World's, wow, Australia makes history with our 1st Aussie making the podium.Well done Peter Jovanovic, finishing 3rd. Watch for that name in the future.!!

September 5 - I'm back from the 200mm Euro, US 5th Nats and Jakarta 8th Buggy World's, wow got some great stuff to edit, but up to Brisbane on Sunday for the 200mm Worlds.- "Italy 2006" is finished and is shipping to Distributers now, It will be released September 20 around the world and on this site.

July 11,2006- Well I'm back from Italy for the Elecric On Road World Championships it was awesome, with my 6 cameras to bring it all back for you , both 12th Scale and ISTC , I'm editing now, and all the atmosphere is there.


The Brits beat the world as well. Andy Moore win 2006 ISTC IFMAR World Championships in Colegno, Italy with his Cyclone and Dave Spashett win his 3rd 12th World's on Carpet. Both classes decided by the 3rd Finals, gripping racing and awesome speed with the bigger cell capacity. Tyres and how you prepared and raced them, were a huge issue at this World's.

The Official Event DVD will be out late September, stay tuned!!

May 5- We now have a distributer in Japan, fantastic see www.kimihiko-jano.net great as we hope to go there for the EP Off Road WC in 2007. Welcome Kimihiko.

Feb 26 . I visited the 200mm Nitro World's Warm Up race in Brisbane over the last 3 days, only realizing the correct date early on Friday morning at 8.30, freaked out, packed cameras, got airticket and arrived at the track by 1.30 the same day, I thought it was the following week. I was jet lagged and still am, wow. This World's in September will be awesome, the track and organization was fantastic with IFMAR race directer in attendance & give the race commity a big well done with very little improvements to be made before the big event in September. Lots of help from the team who ran the 2001 Sydney 8th On Road Worlds so well, has ensured this will be one hell of a great World's. The home page is http://200mmifmarworlds.no-ip.org This will my biggest production yet, at least 10 cameras, full Slyfox race progress lap scoring to screen during the racing and more . Just wait.

Older World's videos for re release. - I am trying to gather the videos from pre 2001 & with the producers permission, I plan to digitally re master and release them as DVDs in an effort to gather our sports history together. I have done "St Ives 1989", the EP Off Road Worlds video that I helped make, well I did most of the interviews, I was racing myself at that event. Next is the 1991 Detroit EP Off Road WC. If you know someone that produced a past World video, please let me know or send me their details. These DVDs will be released later this year. Great watching after the years have past.

New - Feb 22 2006 I'm back from Florida Winternats, Swauger was incredible in 8th and Paulo Morganti was the victor in 200mm Nitro, DVD out April. Very hot racing and action , bigger that the USA Nats.

News - Jan 28, 2006 - Both Kyosho and RB Concepts will be using promo videos produced by us, at the Nuremberg Toy Fair this Febuary.Other companies in need of Top RC Footage for promotional use , should contact me.

NEWS - NOV 26 Today is Release day for "Messina 2005", grab yours for xmas now below.

I am covering the 2005 FEMCA 1/10th ISTC ELECTRIC TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP in Malaysia, 8 - 12 December. http://www.rcmrc.com/istc/istc.htm Hara and Karn and other top FEMCA drivers will be racing there. Abbott and Nicholson will lead the Aussie squad. Australiasia's Racing Lines Magazine will co sponsor and report the event.

News - July 22nd 2005.

I went to the Drags last week, RC at Penrith, Sydney. Shot some good footage so here is a free video download, "Drags at Penrith" its 7 meg but worth the wait.Contact www.pdnracing.org.au about their drag nights. They run classes for nearly everything, EP or Nitro.

I have a great little "HPI Drift Action" video for you to download, from Illawarra, hope you all like it. 2.9 meg of MPEG 1. I would love to cover a big drift race. Lets see what the future holds.

News - July 5rd 2005.

Well the rain put astop to the EP part of the HPI Challenge and Winternats but will be rerun July 30 at Illawarra. Harra spent his time in the pits ansswering the endless questions the Aussie racers had to ask. He also took Simon Nickolsen car off him and did a total rebuild and setup before giving it back to a stunned Simon, who just asked a little quest about his car. Harra spent over 3 hours doing it. On the Saturday one other driver's car was givern the same Harra blessing. Due to the rain, Harra never ran a lap in Australia.Surikarn with Miura as pitman, competed in the Nitro Class on Saturday and had a great race with Simon Nickolsen for a long while. Karn backed the car into turn one to try and pass Simon at one time. I got all on 5 cameras and it will be in the up coming HPI Challenge and Winternats" DVD.

News - June 18rd 2005.

Next week end (June 25 -26) Surikarn, Hara, Limo and other top driver will compete at the Illawarra Track just south of Sydney Australia for the 2005 HPI Challenge and Winter Champs for both 10th GP & EP Touring Cars. This will be my next release, around the end of August, just before I fly off to Italy for the 8th On Road Worlds in Messina. If you can get to the race, be there. Details of how to find Guest Park, Fairy Medow, Wollongong see www.iimc.org .I'll have about 7 cameras for this one.

News Oct 7, 2004.

I've just finished"RC CAR HAVOC" and its awesome, I think the release will be about Nov 16th, just in time for your Xmas presents! We, that is my son Ty, Julian our 3rd Cameraman and myself will landing in Brasil in a couple of days for the Official Inaugural IFMAR 200mm Nitro On Road World Championships.I can not tell you how I look forward to visiting Aarton Senna's house and pay my respects to the great man who I was lucky enough to play a bit of RC car with, in Adelaide S.Australia some years back. After that its Kissamee USA for the Electric On Road World's, my favorite. My money is on Karn & Massami! :)

The recent RC Jet Rally at Temora suffer from on and off rain, got some great footage but thought I'd save it and coverthe Wangaratta Jet Rally in December and combine the 2 for "Jets Down Under 2004", to be released maybe late Feb 2005.

Here is a preview of "RC CAR HAVOC" for download.

News August 26, 2004

My next release is near, "RC HAVOC" - the Ultimate RC Crash & Action DVD. Many cars were damaged and a few cameras too, all in the making of this DVD. From 12th Scale to Monster Trucks and most types of car in between. We got the hottest in-car camera footage in 5th Scales,10th Tourers and awesome Off Road Truck Races. Over 4 years of coverage to get this much action and after many requests, "RC HAVOC" will be here soon, Happy Xmas. Previews soon, you'll love this DVD.

And only 47 days to Brasil !!!!

Next weekend I'm covering the " Temora Jet Rally" again, I love these 200 MPH RC Aircraft, I'll have that out before Xmas too ,I hope.

News July 17, 2004

Scotish racer Dan Rowlands and his just married bride Paula visited my local Electric On Road Club ( North Ryde) last Friday night during a round world honeymoon. Dan runs the Stonehaven & District RC Club in Scotland and they are running the Scotish Grand Prix at the end of this month. Go visit if you are near the area. Dan & Paula came over for dinner ( and thats a long way to come for a meal , hey) Sunday night and talk racing and watched my videos all night of course. We had a ball.

News June 28, 2004

World Champion Surikarn was in Australia last weekend for the "Racing Lines - Winter Champs" in Tamworth. I spent lots of time with him but we didn't video the finals due to lack of light and freezing temperatures. Got some great footage that you'll see somewhere in the future. He will be competing in both the Brazil 10th Nitro Worlds and of course in Florida , to defend his WC crown at the Electric On Road Worlds. We'll be there too.

News June 13, 2004.

OUT NOW - "2004 FLORIDA WINTERNATS" on DVD-R discs , great racing, lots of great lead changes and heaps and heaps of crash action, see Josh go belly first into the wall, see Swauger traction roll at the cameras, see just about everyone try and re arrange the track barriers, "Did I tell you there were a lot of crashes." Even 2 of my cameras were taken out by car crashes, but do not worry, I got it all on video!!! My cameras get involved, they get as close as one can get to the action and get hit in the process and it makes great footage.

This is 86 minutes of great 8th and 10th Nitro On Road is available on DVD-R with 12 chapter points and AC-3 Dolbly Audio and is ready for shipping HERE IS THE PREVIEW, 3meg.

News Feb 18th 2004.

I've confirmed I'll be covering the 2004 10th Nitro World's from Brazil in October too. and the EP On Roads from Florida in October as well,I can't wait. There is also maybe a big 5th Scale race in the pipeline, awesome, check out the Australia 5th Preview.

3 FOR US$70 - 8th Scale On Road Special.

On Special - you get "Sydney 2001" and "Sydney 2nd Edition" and "Cincinnati 2003' as DVD Videos, flown Airmail anywhere in the world for just US$70. If you are a 1:8 Scale On Road freak, and have not got these titles, then this is the bargain for you. CLICK HERE to Order.

News - Video Release - 1st August 2003.

You can now order my "Temora Jets 2003", that's RC Jets not cars, I know, I`ve branched out, these things are awesome. Nearly 2 metres long, can fly at 200MPH not K's. with 630 degrees F on the tailpipe. Even if you don't fly RC, check out the Preview, if you haven't seen these birds, you will freak! More Details and Order Here

News - 1st July 2003.

Surikarn won 1/10th Nitro and ITSC and Mini at the Winter Champs here at Eastern Creek, Sydney last weekend. Boy, the guy is so smooth, efficient and so quick, everybody loved having him here. Before they left today, Monday, "Racing Lines" editor Dave Smith and I took Surikarn and his Mum and Dad on a beautiful sunny Harbour cruise around Sydney Harbour and took some snaps in front of the Opera House etc for them, more pix soon....he also autographed afew copies of my "On Road Worlds 2002" and " Jakarta Reedy 2002" DVDs which will be used as subsciption prizes with Australia's best RC mag, "Racing Lines" soon.

News - 22th June 2003

Ari Bakla won 2wd and 4wd classes at the Australian Off Road Nats last weekend, adding to his trophy collection, 3 great trophies by taking TQ in 2wd also.,As my son Ty and I started the first Truck class racing in Australia back in 1989 after the World`s at St Ives, I thought it a good payback for the years of fun we had bouncing around in the dirt by Sponsoring Truck Class. Craig Laughton from Maitland took the class win, great racing, I enjoyed the racing greatly, thanks guys.

Luke with Ari Bakla after his 4WD Win.

News - 20th June 2003.

Just thorring out after 3 days freezeing in the middle of NSW filming RC F15's, F4 Fantom's, Tom Cats and Sabres etc. NOT CARS, thats 200 MPH (not K's) Radio Controlled JETS, 2 metres long and just awesome models, totally a visual blow out, I`ll release the video "TEMORA JETS 2003" in a few weeks, wait till you hear and see these RC missiles, 630 degrees at the tail pipe AHHH.

Over 200MPH, RC JETS

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